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Mentor Program

What’s it for?
For mentees: It’s a chance for you to connect and learn from industry professionals who can help you improve your industry knowledge, enhance professional networks and help build sustainable businesses.

For mentors: This is a chance for you to provide advice and feedback to someone who can really use your help. It’s also a chance to learn new things, and improve your own leadership and management skills.

What’s the time commitment?
We encourage mentoring pairs to commit at least 10-12 one-hour meetings over the 12 months of the program. These meetings can be held in person, over the telephone or online sessions – we strongly encourage having some of these meetings in person, if possible.

Who can sign-up?
There are only a certain number of individuals who we can accept into the first group/cohort of mentors and mentees, so make sure to sign-up right now using the link below.

Mentoring Opportunities

Tell us about your experience and what availability you have to work with an Indigenous enterprise.

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